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Need Your Prayers, Please


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I know there are so many things more important to pray for but I really need your help. As of today, I am unemployed. My employer was dealing with a messy divorce and fighting cocaine addiction at the same time. The situation was so hard to deal with that I had to leave. I really need your prayers to get through this, as jobs are tight right now and I'm no spring chicken. I know that this group has the ability to get so many prayers answered because of your faith, so please say a little prayer for me that I'll find employment and get through this crisis in one piece. Thanks so much!!!

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:shock::roll::( What a bummer Ann. I'm sorry you had to go through all off that. It had to have been hard to go to work every day.

Everything happens for a reason, I'm sure this will be soemthing that will work in your favor. Adding my prayers.

I don't care what kind of Chicken you are, :wink: Your top of the line and good things happen to GOOD PEOPLE! :wink:

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Thanks for all of your kind words and prayers. Things are looking prety bad right now and I'm trying to keep a positive attitude, as hard as that is right now. The job market in this part of Florida is really rough right now, so I have no idea how long it will be before I find work. I don't have a lot of savings to fall back on, so I'm basically just hanging out here on a wing and a prayer. It helps so much to know that you guys have me in your thoughts and prayers.

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Ann, Ann, Ann........I missed this the other day!!!!! Prayers that things work out and sooner rather than later. Your work situation sounds like something you surely should have removed yourself from. I won't go into all the platitudes that drive us all crazy ~ like things alwyas happen for a reason. I don't really believe them all anyhow. Just know I'm thinking of you and hoping for whatever is best foy to be. As special as you are......you should be in demand. In the meantime ~ lots of Ella time, huh? And then there's a new one soon. Nanny Ann!!!!Maybe that is to be.

Here come the PA posistive vibes!


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