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My dad - Harold Knipp


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My dad passed away Sunday night, 12/16/07 peacefully with his sister by his side. He was in a nursing home in West Virginia. I think the last time I logged in was in March when we placed him under hospice care. In April, I went back up to take my cousin to be his caregiver. While we were there, his home burned down, and he had to be placed in a nursing home. He made a remarkable recovery during the summer and was up walking around, making friends, playing games. He gave his heart to the Lord in March. He started getting sick again in September and I went and spent 3 weeks with him at the nursing home. This past week, he stopped being able to take anything in orally. Sunday morning, his temp spiked and his O2 level dropped. He became unresponsive. I called his sister who lives about 45 minutes from the nursing home and she went to be with him. He passed about 10:55 p.m. He wasn't in pain. He is being cremated tomorrow and his remains will be shipped to Florida to me to be held for his memorial service that we are planning in April. I want all of his family to be able to be there for a family reunion. Dad's favorite thing. Here is the link to dad's online memorial through the funeral home. Thank you so much for being there for me through out the years. I will be back. I just need some time to grieve.


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my thoughts and condolences and prayers for now. I am so sorry to hear this today..

Please know that we are here whenever you need us. THe grieving process is a difficult one and sometimes confusing. KNow that we are here though in case.....

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Please accept my condolences on the passing of your dad.

I am so glad that he seemed to have had some really good times before this caught up to him again.

Always keep him close in your heart and there he will live on through you.

Maryanne :cry:

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