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It's Over.


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I am so sorry, Andy. This roller coaster certainly is full of surprises.....and not the good kind. My thoughts and prayers are extended to you and your family from this part of the state. May your many wonderful memories help you through this difficult time.


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Thank you all for your comments and advice. It was a quick 2 months. We were very lucky that he only 1 or 2 days of pain in those months.

We found out his platelets were low on Tuesday so they gave Dad a transfusion yesterday. Pops spent the time joking with the nurse and the family. He came home and ate a big meal and then fixed the dishwasher. Kept telling mom how great dinner was and that he couldn't remember when he ate that much. Him and mom went to bed joking and teasing each other. Dad got up and went to the bathroom around 4 this morning and as soon as he laid down it happened. He made a noise but that's about it.

We are struggling deeply with how short his time was. I never even got to tell him I was naming my boy after him. My prayer since we found out he had cancer was that he'd be here to hold the twins. Trying to find a little comfort in that he never suffered or even knew it was coming. He only had 2 chemo treatments, just still tired from the WBR.

The world lost a great man today...which was also his dad's birthday. Peace be with you all.

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Oh Andy,

This is such heartbreaking news. I am so very sorry. It sounds like he died of causes other than cancer. I'm glad you can find comfort in the fact that he suffered little and he passed so quickly, but I know that it must seem so surreal at this point. My condolences to you and your family and may God be with you .


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Oh Andy -- I'm so sorry that your Dad is gone. My heartfelt sympathy to the whole family. Going peacefully, albeit far too quickly, will bring you much comfort in the times ahead. Many people with lung cancer pass due to secondary issues that the cancer creates. Sending hugs to you today.

God bless,


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I guess you can find comfort in the fact that he didn't suffer and had a great last day on this earth. I only hope that when it's time for my Mom to leave it will be like that for her.

Take care and again I'm so sorry


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Thank you all, believe it or not this place (Dad's Computer) has been my greiving place today. I snuck in here shortly after they took him away. Trying to take Dad's spot as the calm head today, speaking in what seems like a lot of lip service. Then I get 5 minutes to send a message to you all, read, cry like a fool....pull it together and start all over for another couple of hours. The cancer never got him, the secondary BS did. We will never know if it was a clot or stroke, etc....but Katie is right we never had to see the "ugly", his only real problem since the hospital was fatigue. god bless each of you and thanks for your kind words.

Thank you Randy...Dad name was "George".

Thank you for your prayers...

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I need a place to post some random thoughts to get through these next few days, I don't mean to upset anyone...more of an online journal....somewhere to place my gloom other than here. Don't want to bring you all down w/me.

Thursday night snowed and coated the ground and trees with a light coating of snow & a peace and beauty on Friday Morning. Dad would have loved it so much and couldn't pick a btter or more peaceful morning for him to move on......today, some of the shock is wearing off and the snow is melting away.....the world is a much grayer place to live.

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So sorry about your Dad.

My sympathy and prayers.

A lot of love showed in your posts.

You will see your Dad in many new

situation even if he is gone, that

is the way we keep them alive, thinking

and talking about them.

Always ears to listen to you and

shoulders are also there.



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