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I'm home


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Hi, was sent home Wed pm to finish my recuperation in comfort.

I see the surgeon next Tuesday so I'm assuming they'll have biopsy results etc.

I had a few days in ICU - bp so low they couldn't get a reading :shock::shock: - right now I'm just concentrating on breathing and walking around the house for exercise.

Thanks for all the prayers, I'll be back when I have more energy.


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GREAT, GREAT, GREAT, Geri. How wonderful to see your smile and 'hear' your voice. You had a time of it and I say now STOP IT :o !!!!! Enough already. I have questions, but will wait until you are up for conversation and the 3rd degree :? . For now, just so pleased that you are in your own space surrounded by special people. Will talk to you when you're up to it.


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AWE Geri, I'm SO glad to your happy, pretty little face back on the Board! :D THANK YOU LORD for ANSWERING OUR PRAYERS!

I totally understand the BP stuff, and that's not fun. I also understand the walking around the house thingy!!! :roll::wink:

Hang in there Geri, it's a slower road to recovery then what we're use to, but it's DOABLE!


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