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Just too young...


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I received my latest test results yesterday. Five year check and all clear - and I have the impression that amazes my oncologist. He went over all my tests and discussed future follow-up. He started to say he would turn it over to my GP, then excused himself and came back about five minutes later.

He had gone into his office to research "protocol" and didn't seem comfortable with the hands-off approach. He looked me right in the eye and said I was "just too young" to not continue with the monitoring...

So, in a year, I'll get a spiral CT and bloodwork and we'll meet again.

All-in-all, I'm extremely happy to be beating the odds one day at a time. Good news, after all.

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I can just imagine that your doctor is absolutely thrilled with you - such a wonderful thing - 5 years!!!

Wishing you many, many more and I am so very happy for you.

Congratulations and enjoy the celebration -

I am headed to Florida for vacation tomorrow, so I will be happy to have a drink (or 2) to celebrate your good news.


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Well, Becky, that's just GREAT news all around isn't it? All clear! Too young! It surely doesn't get any better than that ~ UNLESS having NEVER had to board this ride to begin with!

I'm so inspired by you, Becky, as I'm sure are many here. You remind us that the monsters DO emerge from time to time and that we CAN be successful beating them back to where they belong.

I'm also glad your onc has decided to not just 'dismiss' you for the time being. Sounds like a REAL human being type. You and I know that not all are created eqaul.

So great news for all of us here to celebrate. And please don't feel that the further out you get the less you are needed here. Actually all the more reason to 'SEE' you. You continue to have my very best wishes and thanks.


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Becky -

What wonderful news!!! You are truly an inspiration. 5 Years!!! Wow!!

Sounds good to me that the doc doesn't want to just dismiss you - a once a year scan isn't that bad.

You have a son the same age as mine - how wonderful to be able to tell him that news!!!

God Bless You and continue to keep up the good work.

Patti B.

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