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Chemo finished - now living life


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Hi all!

I've been writing in introduce yourself -forum under adenocarcinoma non-small cell -thread. I've finished 6 rounds of chemotherapy and I'm currently not doing any treatments (...well apart from taking the trial medicine Nexavar), so I thought I post something under this thread.

Next check-up is due 3 months or so.

All the best to you people!!!!!


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I know how good it feels to finish up Chemo! :wink:

It's been over 12 years for me, and I STILL remember my last days of my treatments. It really is a good feeling.

I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed that all is working well for you.

And don't worry about where you last posted, most everyone here reads the entire board anyway. :wink: As long as your PROFILE is filled in, that's whats helpful to all of us. :wink:

Best wishes, and keep us posted!

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Hi good people!

Just got back from doctor's appointment. Yesterday had the first post chemo CT. Radiology comments were not in yet, but she said that as she had looked at the pictures qiuckly, everything looked stable. Maybe a slight/small increase in some liver spot. Anyway the message was that stable is good.

Nonetheless, I enjoy every day of life!

All the best to all of you!!!!!!!!

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Hi everyone!

Went to see the doc today again. She gave me the status on the latest CT scan and everything was stable still.

Life is good for a while again..... =)

I don't think I've said it before but here goes. I want to thank ALL of you people who are in the same boat from the bottom of my heart! You guys are the BEST!

I have told my doc that one of my "signs of light in a very bleak road" is this one great forum and all the people there. Of course family is great support too, but you guys know what this thing really is...

So I'm still in the Nexavar trial too. Bottom of my feet are quite sore, but I can live with that.

Have a good weekend people!!!


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Hi Good People!

07/10/2008 - another doc's appointment to review last week's CT results. Liver looks better! Also "maybe" a slight progression in lung tumor (in radiologists opinion..)

My own doc and nurse had looked at the pictures also and they thought it's very difficult to say whether there's any progression or no in the lung tumort. All in all, still continuing with the nexavar trial and that's it! So, I'm very happy!

Thanks again and all the Best to you People!!

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Hi All!!!

Had a CT scan couple of days ago and doc called today about the findings. She let me off the Nexavar trial, since there's progression in liver and lung and new met in spine. Funny thing though, it has been my upper back that's been hurting at nights - nothing in my lower back....

So tomorrow doc tries to get full bone scan asap and get some radiation therapy arranged and plans also new chemotherapy "regime".

All the best to you people!


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