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I could not believe my ears when I heard the news. A few weeks ago, my dad's doctor was concerned about something he saw on the CT scan. He thought fluid was building up again, but he couldn't confirm that. My dad has been feeling well and no problem breathing, so we were hoping that wasn't the case. Since my dad had chemo from mid-May until Oct 29, his doctor ordered a PET scan to see how his body responded to chemo. Last Thursday he had the test and Monday we met with his doctor. After he walked into the room, he said the PET scan looked really good, no abnormalities, nothing lit up. What he had seen on the CT scan was scar tissue. I said, "Are you saying that my dad is in remission?" He said, "Yes, that is what I'm saying." I will never forgot how I felt at that moment. We received a copy of the report and read it over and over. We don't go back for another scan/appointment until the end of February! In the meantime, my dad is on 800 mg of Celebrex a day (I think that's the right dose?!?) We feel so blessed. I am so excited because my dad's cancer was inoperable and to be in remission is such a miracle! I hope my story gives hope to others whose cancer is inoperable. This is such a supportive site. I keep you all in my prayers. God Bless!

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Absolutely fantastic news ! I agree with David A we never get tired of news like this. You truly give hope to those who are fighting the fight to achieve the same results. Miracles do happen and your father is proof. Again, i am a firm believer in PET scans and PET scans being utilized prior to anyone being diagnosed or declared CANCER FREE. Best wishes to your father and yourself and your entire family. Keep us posted and hang around to share your inspiring story with others we need you here.



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Hi Angie,

Wonderful news, That’s fantastic!!!!

Rich :D:D:D:D


The Power Of People Helping People / The Power Of Knowledge / The Power Of God / The Power Of Believing / The Power Of Positive Thinking / The Power Of Never Taking No For An Answer / That’s The Key


With Every Breath A Lung Cancer Guidebook / From ALCASE / A Wealth Of Information / Free

http://www.alcase.org/education/publica ... reath.html

The Cancer Survival Toolbox / Free / From NCCS


Clinical Trails Listing Service / Center Watch


Lung Cancer In The News / GOOGLE

http://news.google.com/news?hl=en&editi ... ung+cancer

The Wellness Community / National Cancer Support, Education And Support / Free

http://www.thewellnesscommunity.org/pro ... /guide.asp

Drug Information Online


ALCASE / Alliance For Lung Cancer Advocacy, Support, Education


Unites States / National Library Of Medicine


Health Information / Medical Encyclopedia


Google / Great Search Engine


R.A. Bloch Cancer Foundation, Inc. / Please read: A Letter to all newly diagnosed cancer patients


American Cancer Society / No Matter Who You Are, We Can Help


Cancer Information Service / NCI


Cancer Research Center / A Cure For Cancer...


American Institute for Cancer Research; Nutrition Hotline / AICR


Cancer Hope Network / Cancer?


Association of Cancer Online Resources / Free Online Lifeline For Everyone Affected By Cancer & Related Disorders


Lung Cancer Information Library / Electronic Library Of Comprehensive Educational Materials On Cancer For Healthcare Professionals And Patients.



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Remission! That is so wonderful and I am so happy for you and your family. And I wanted to add that your post is just what I needed. My mom's cancer is very similar to your Dad's and she is having a PET scan today to see if some growth under her arms is indeed cancer or something else (she's done great otherwise). Your post has given me a sense of calm about today.

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