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You're Worth It....

Fay A.

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The price we all pay when something bad happens to you. We pay it because we care about you. REALLY care about you.

Makes no difference on which side of the Lung Cancer Fence you sit. I care about you, and when you lose the one you love I hurt inside, too. For you. I care about you, and when your life on this plain ends, I hurt inside, too. For you.

And knowing you a little, having you be a part of my life.....is worth the heartache that your absence causes. But I would give a lot if we could all just assume that you will be with us from one day to the next., and have it be so.

Becky Goforth, You were a class act, and my heart is breaking for your husband and child and parents and family and friends and students and US!

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Dear Members,

I know we're all feeling down because of Becky and Judy - also Greg and Sam and Ada and everyone else who has won the battle. And they have achieved happiness and an end to pain and stuggle. Their families are in pain, just like us. It is very sad but at least we know they aren't suffering any more. And I really feel that we are a family that knows more than anyone how important it is to understand each other and know we are all human beings fighting a horrible illness. Tonight we should all take a minute or two to pray/mediate for our friends who now can help us in this battle. I wish us all the best - i feel they would want us to go on and keep fighting. In honor of these people we must continue to do whatever we can to spread the word. I will participate in the LC walk in NY on April 25th. I will walk and think of them that day. On April 4th I will celebrate my 2 year survival! Please God, I want many more survival stories on this board and no more tragic stories. Please God.


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I'm with you all. I think I told Gail, I have been in a DAZE today. Looking over the board, sadly enough we have lost several members in the month of March. Becky tugs at our heartstrings because she is SO YOUNG and it's just NOT FAIR! It hurts to lose our dear and wonderful freinds no matter what age. Just a very somber day. :(:(

To all that have lost a loved one in the month of March I wish: Peace to his/her memory, strength and comfort to the family.

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Fay, I am with you 100%!! When I see that we have lost members or even if a member is having a rough time.............my heart just aches. As I was logging on, I was crying. My husband asked why I would want to subject myself to the pain and suffering that appears on this board at times. I really didn't have a good answer except that this board helps me so much and all of you know EXACTLY what I am going through. I have received so much education and support here. Yes, it is very heart wrenching at times. BUT we also have good times here, too. I rejoice in clean scans, successful surgeries, etc. I HATE this disease so much. I'm sure that this disease is going to take my Dad.....and it probably won't be a very long time before it happens. At least I had my Dad throughout my childhood. Becky's daughter was robbed of this by this terrible disease!! It is soooooooo unfair!! Please, everyone, don't go long without letting us know how you are. I truly care for each and every one of you!! Eventhough I haven't met any of you in person, I feel so close to you all. I pray for each of you here daily. I ask God to bless Katie and Rick and help them to keep this site up and running. It has and is helping so many. This has really been a down day for me also. Hugs and prayers for ALL of you!!! Please, God, help someone to find a cure for this terrible disease!


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Thank you for your beautiful post. Becky's passing really touched me because she was so young. I've always looked forward to her posts because she wrote so eloquently and her bravery shone through her words. I felt a connection with her because my daughter is the same age as hers.

Now, whenever I hold my daughter Becky and her daughter come to my mind. I wish I can channel Becky's warm and loving hugs to her daughter.

Her death just breaks my heart.


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I too, am in a fog today. My husband said "you know you will have to just stay off the computer for a few days." I told him that I just couldn't, I get a support here I get no where else. Even with the sadness. None of my family can understand, they really do not like me to talk about the cancer. Here I can say what I want. Judy and Becky were good friends. It is just a hard time for all. Love to all of you!


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My husband told me the same thing, "Stay off for a while if it brings you down." I couldn't sleep thinking about Becky and Judy...and all the rest. I am so sad right now and the tears are giving me a headache. It doesn't help that I had surgery this morning and was put under general anthesia. I will probably take off tomorrow, then back to work on Wed.. I need my job too bad for the insurance, plus I love what I do. I am fine, I had a fistula in my bowel removed.

Anyway, I, like Fay, and all of you, needed to talk about this. It just happened so quick. A life, so precious, is gone. And when I think of what is left behind in the wake of this disease, it really gets to me. Such as Becky's baby girl growing up without her. I sure don't envy Curtis having to explain why Mommy isn't coming home from the hospital. Now the leaky faucet is pouring...but I cannot stop the thoughts.

When we lose someone on this board, I feel the need to reach out to all of you, because only you guys can understand my emotions. Sure this board brings me down from time to time, but it lifts me up similtaneously. I think I need some drugs, I am in pain now from the surgery. Plus, I guess I just need you guys is all. Pleae God send your band of Angels to watch over all my LCS family while I sleep.



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Thank you Fay for such beautiful words.I woke up yesterday feeling good for a change.Signed onto the board and just went into shock with the news of Becky and others.I just cried myself back to sleep.I worry about Bob as well.This is a tough road.Tougher than I realized it would be.But we have each other and I don't know what I would do without all of you.Thanks to all of you for keeping on posting.I have gotten bad about reading and leaving.I intend to post more now.Everything we say means something to someone.And for me sometimes it is just one little thing that raises my chin and makes me go on.Love to you all.TBone

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Your words are perfect,

it is easy for people to say, don't read if it makes you sad,

but it is impossible to do, a magnet will always bring me back for

more, sad too often, good, I would like all the time but

knowing that there is always somebody that will understand

and care is what brings me back.

Hugs to all


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Yes, many days it is very difficult to get on this board, the sadness is just overwhelming. BUT, I can't stay away, everyone here is too important to me to feel that I would abandon them for even a short time.

I don't tell Earl about the sadness here. As I think I have mentioned, he is and always has been a head in the sand person. He tends ti be a somwhat down person and I do all I can to get him up.

But you are all my friends, even if you don't look like your pictures, you are in my heart. I need to keep up with you daily, the good and the bad. I am looking toward the day when the good news forum must be archived weekly.

Let this past bad news be all there is for a long time.


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Guest Karen C

Very nice words, Fay, thank you.

Dave and I found out about Judy and Becky last night when he logged in and checked the board. Neither one of us have been on in a few days. He came into the living room looking stunned and I couldn't believe the words that he said - JudyB and BeckyG are gone.

Neither one of us slept well and he only worked a half day. I can't stop thinking of both of them, but Becky was doing so good, darn it all!! and she was so young . . . and her husband and daughter are now without her and I can't bear the thought of it.

It also brings back the pain of losing my dear cousin Cindy, who died at age 38 of breast cancer, leaving behind three very small children. We named Faith after her - Cynthia Faith - to try to keep her spirit and memory alive. There just doesn't seem anything more tragic than a young mother leaving her children behind.

And Judy B just seemed like such a neat, vibrant person - you can see it in Stephanie. What a loss.

God Bless us all,

Karen C.

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Thank you! Very eloquently spoken. It is so sad that this disease is so devistating in it's own way. It does not discriminate and can be ruthless. It is not fair that many have to suffer so needlessly and be affected so harshly. We need so much support from people in the world to get this out to everyone so they know the magnitude of this disease. I know we are getting there in bits and pieces, but it's just not fast enough. There was a stigma on HIV-AIDS. We have the same thing here with this.. It is a real heartbreaker, especially when we see how it is effecting just the few here on this board. We are family and it really hurts when our loved ones are affected and no longer with us...

My husband tells me I shouldn't be on the computer as much as I am here too. This is my support group. I know if I had to go any where else for support , my heart would just break inside to know that I would not have all of you for support and encouragement. I couldn't do it alone without you all. This is and has been my lifeline. I am so blessed to have all of you. I have to stop, tears are flowing...

God Bless all of us and praying for that "Cure" for all of us...

Blessings, affection and huge hugs


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More appropriate words I cannot imagine.

I think the loss of BeckyG and JudyB simultaneously blew all of us away.

I know it did me.

Whether 3 D or message board,

when you hang out with people with active cancer,

you lose some friends. It comes with the territory.

Doesn't make it hurt one whit less.

My prayers go out to JudyB's family,

and especially to BeckyG's husband and daughter. She was way too young, and her daughter is sooo small. About the same age my youngest was when I fought back from the surgery.

She would have stayed if she could.

God called her home.

Now she's a 24/7 angel for real.

Rest well, my friends, your toil here is finished.

You remain in our hearts, our minds, and our prayers.



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Well said, Fay. Right now, with Lucie doing well, it would be very easy for us to shut out the downside and keep everything positive around us. But that is in reality not how life is. We love all you people, and we are in it for the long haul, come what may. We are in it for the bad times as well as the good -- that's what real friends do. I let Lucie know about Judy and Becky, even though I knew it would hurt. We are all richer for having known and touched the lives of these two, plus all on here who participate so freely. Love is all around us. How can we lose? Don

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