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Let's ALL remember shelliemacs

Angie Daughter of Bill

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Hello gang! Let's ALL remember shelliemacs and lift her up in prayer. I spoke with her on the phone last night. She sounds pretty good. Her husband is going to be going through MORE tests this week to see what caused the episode that he had. She has so much going on. She is such a dear, sweet person..............she has been here for us, let's be there for her. She needs our prayers! We love you Shellie!


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Angie, my firend....thank you so much.. I am so beyone touched you have no idea. Ecen when the world is crashing, I have all of you ready to pull me up.

update: Tuesday 3:40 pm, husband just brought back into ER. Says can't swallow or feel his hands....WHATS HAPPENING!!!!!!

on my way now to ER, will post dx later (hopefully)

Thank you again, you really really floored me with this one.

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Shelley My Dear,

You KNOW I'm praying and praying and praying for you and your family.

If my arms could reach, I would give you such a BIG HUGE HUG with lots and lots of love along with the hug.

Please Sweetie, keep us posted. So many of us care so deeply for you. We worry!

Love, Hugs, and Much Support.

You have my phone number, so please feel free at anytime to call.


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Aw, Shelley,

The good thing is maybe now they'll get a diagnosis.

You poor kid, how much can one person take?

If love could fix it , you'd be sitting pretty, and hubby too...


Hugs and prayers is the best I can do from here...



Don't be afraid to holler for help if you need it.....

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If it is any help to you, I had the same problem 3 times in the past 4 years. I blacked out and fainted and my hands and etc were numb. They scanned my brain, my heart and everything else and wrote it off as panic attacks from stress and etc... Also have they tested him for diabetes?

I hope your husband gets the same DX.

Praying for you


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Prayers, wishes and good vibes going your way.

Did they check the sodium, I was in a coma a few times

and always the sodium was too low, also could not use

my hands or legs.......(mouth always worked !)

Keep us posted and take care of yourself, please.



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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

It could be an infection or something like diabetes, hypoglycemia...........

Or even a panic attack. These can mimic almost any disease I think. Y'all have enough on your mind to have a massive panic attack.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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ok, were back from the ER. they did EKG's and CBC and tested for Mono, Strep Throat, Thyroid, Stress Test....NOTHING. Cant find anything in these results.

SO I had to open my big mouth thats attached to my cancer obsessed brain and say "could it be Lukemia" can anyone say SHUT UP SHELLIE!! so they go on to say, well anythings possible but we can't indicate that from these tests.

so then I ask about a brown round flat sopt on his face and say "can that be cancer" (ah shelly get off the cancer-go-round will ya) and the P.A looks at it real close and says "Hmmm could be"

jeez I am so stupid, why can't I get cancer off my brain. Its like I am looking for the cancer bus to run over me yet again.

So now I am dragging him to an endocronologist and and dermatologist to rule those two things out.

I just want someone to say "shelly there is no cancer in this boy" is that so hard to do mr. doctor hmmmmm.

so the saga is continuing and more dr.s ahead.

I can't tell you all how much you mean to me. I am so overwhelmingly touched with the care and love you all make me feel. I will never be able to show you what this care does for me and to me inside. I feel like I have people who "get" me. people who don't just see me as paranoid cancer addicted physco. You all have lived the nightmare yourselves and its like now were always going to relate everything and anything to cancer.

I am taking my anti-anxiety meds now too but maybe I need to up the dose a little.

Thank you all for your love and care.

you all mean the world to me.

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You and your dear husband are in my prayers. I think Fay is the one who asked, but could he have come in contact with some kind of poison either at work or at home. Some of the yard stuff now a days is pretty toxic if not used properly. Has he been checked for lyme disease? One of the guys I used to work with had similar symptoms and that is what they finally figured out was causing it.

I hope and pray you get answers soon.

Let us know how you both are soon.


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It is wise to check out everything - better safe than sorry. There have been times when I have insisted on x-rays or scans when the docs didn't think I really needed them. This morning I had a surgeon tell me that if I hadn't been so persistant, we might not have found this new nodule when it is small. Keep after the docs and my prayers are with you guys. I don't think you can be TOO pro-active.

Love and hugs,

Nancy B

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Dear Shellie

I hope and pray that its just stress with your husband. You sure have been through enough already and I am sure he has too. He probably feels the stress of the loss of your Mom and your Dad's disease more than you know. Just try and hang in there and not think the worst or borrow trouble before you have to. You've already had more of that than anyone in any lifetime needs. Will be praying for you and for your husband

Bess B

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