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Started Taxotere


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Hi everyone,

I had my first taxotere treatment yesterday.So far I can't tell that I had it. No ill effects yet anyway.Still have some pain from the radiation but it is getting better every day.Praying for us all.TBone

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Earl had 3 taxotere treatments and other than fatigue, he tolerated it very well, relatively easy for chemo. I wish you the same easy road on this taxotere.

I am so glad to hear the pain is getting better. It must be very difficult to function in either great pain or on pain meds. Very much hope the pain keeps getting less and less.

Glad to see you are an early bird like me. I love the early mornings, how about you?


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I agree with Elaine. No side effects , this is a good thing. Hope and pray this continues and it knocks the "H_" out of that tumor. Donna G

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I, too, am keeping it all crossed that the Taxotere is easy on you and not so on the tumor cells.

And Shelley, the rules for crossing things to promote good luck allow for us to uncross our eyes and fingers while typing as long as we recross them immediately upon completion, without interruption of the resultant positive vibes. :)

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I am so glad to hear that you have been feeling good after your first treatment of Taxotere. You were due a break! I hope the rest of the treatments go as smoothly.

I agree with Ry and MoSugar, drink lots of water. Dehydration can set in very quickly. Also, monitor your temperature. When your blood counts drop, you become very prone to infection. (It put me in the hospital)

I am praying for you!


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I am so glad to read that your side effects from radiation are beginning to wane and that your first chemo appt. went so well. You and your family are in our thoughts, as always--and we will say prayers with even more "umph" than usual for 'ya--since Shelley and Fay seem to have the market cornered on keeping things crossed. :)

Now, I know you told me that you have to get up early to get the kids to school--but 3am?!?! What are you raising down there--a bunch o' turtles? :)

Seriously, though--I am so happy to "see" a little more spring in your step once again.


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T, I am so pleased that you are doing well on treatment so far. I hope it continues and that the pain gets better and better by the day. I think of you often and your wonderful family. They are there for you and so are we. Keeping you in my prayers.


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I hope this is "the one". I'll bet, being from the country and out in the woods and all, that folks ask you to stand by the ol' TV now so they can get better reception - do they make you put tin foil on your ears, too?? (Maybe one of the sisters can send a picture of that.)

Now you're finding out first hand what that "this is your brain on drugs" thing is all about...how 'bout a side of bacon and grits with that?

Take care, TBone, positive thoughts going your way...

...and that picture TeeTaa has of you - AWESOME! There's more than a thousand words in that picture, there are heart string twangers, mush producers and just an all around sense of pure love. One more time, AWESOME!



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