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Some News on Mo


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Mo's daughter called me last night. She said she did not have a lot of information as Mo is not allowed visitors at this time. She said the reason was that they wanted her to get some rest. She currently has a tube draining her lung and at the same time a machine inflating it. She did say they seem to be getting the pain under control.

She expects Mo to be out in a few days but said she will hopefully know more today and will call me back. Her e-mail is:


Hurry back MO!

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Thanks so much for the update, Ry. I'm so glad you finally heard something!!

Poor Mo...I'll bet she's chomping to get out of there herself....but I do hope she's getting that much needed rest and that when she does come home she's feeling 120% better and is pain free!

We miss you Mo....miss your good cheer and wisdom...so hurry back and most important, feel better!!

(Peggy....another limerick writer?? It's one of my 'bad habits'! :wink: )

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MO can't have visitors? THAT must be the worst part for her, not the pain....

Here's hoping she gets her ordered rest and is up and kicking by mid-week (and back home!).

Love to you, Shoog! Hang in there!


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I think your right Donna G, about Mo having more fun in Minnesota!!! Wish she was here now!

We love and miss you Mo Sugar! Hope your feeling well soon!!!!


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So glad we heard some news from you. I wish you could get someone to lend you a laptop. But maybe the Dr. wants you to get some full rest. I was wondering how anyone was going to get you to rest, and now I know. Darn. Come home soon.

Miss you


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Thank you for posting the update on Mo. If I remember correctly, she was supposed to have the talc procedure done. They may be restricting visitors to avoid infection. I'm sure she is very run down.

Praying for your speedy recovery, Mo! Come back soon, we miss ya!


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