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Robert passed away, went to be with God

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My wonderful husband left this world at 8:42 tonight. I have to tell you that the past few days I had come accept that I might not be able to be with him when he died because of Alex, I felt like I needed to be home as well. I had left the facility to eat dinner with my sister. When I came back to the facility his mom and sister had left and his dad was going to leave for a few minutes to rest. I was back less than 10 minutes, alone in the room with my sister and he took his last breath. Although I was apprehensive about being with him it truly was a gift to know that he went peacefully and quietly. I couldn't hear the trumpets but I know they were sounding in Heaven.

I am numb and bewildered. I am unsure of what comes next. A few days to plan a celebration for him, to give him a service fitting the great man he was.

I thank you all for your support. Its been a fast furious time since his dx 3/17/04. Just 4 short months. It's been good having you to talk to.

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I pray for you to have strength, understanding and peace through this very difficult time. I include prayers for all your family and I especially pray that your son, at this tender age, will be able to deal with this life changing event and that he will grow to have his cherished memories replace the heavy sadness of his loss.


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Joni, I am heartbroken for you to hear this news. I am so so very sorry. I feel so close to you as our situations sounded so much the same when Robert was first diagnosed, and I had such high hopes for him.

Please take comfort in knowing that Robert is now with God, at home.

God Bless and with Christ's love,


and Dave and Faith

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