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I almost wasn't going to post this because I am feeling guilty for not posting more often lately. Things have been busy and sometimes, when you fall so behind on the board, it gets harder and harder to catch up with people.

Went for my Oncologist check up today and all the tests were clear. He said I am doing wonderful (I want to say that he seemed surprised but I am trying to be good) with the exception of high blood pressure. When I go to my regular doctor it is about 130/70 or so, today it was 172/95. Every single time I go to the Cancer Center, I can actually feel my BP rising. And the longer I wait in the waiting room, the higher it seems to be when I finally get in there. My Onc doesn't seem to believe me when I tell him it is only high when I come to see him. I actually don't need blood pressure medication, I only need to stop seeing him! :shock:

Anyway, wanted to share the good news and let people know I am still around. I may not be posting, but I am definitely lurking. 8)

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Wonderful news! I am so happy for you. Celebrate. I agree with the others about "white coat syndrome" It happens all the time. Get a bp monitor to keep at home and take it there and keep a log for a week or so...then show it to the oncologist the next time you visit. He will understand then.


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