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Stable Is Very Good News


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Good Day All, Saw my wonderful doctor today. Things are stable. Some nodules decreased, some grew slightly, some stable, grew some new ones but all are very small, all under 1.6 cm or less. One in the upper right lung if it gives me any problems with pain or anything might nuke that one, but it is small also. Adrenal Glands, lymph nodes in the upper chest/pelvic area are stable. Staying on Tarceva and will get another Ct Scan and see my doctor in early August. Putting this one in the win column. She also mentioned down the line if needed Alimta or Avastin with combo of Carbo/Taxol. Still plenty of time and options left to beat this thing. Again thank you everyone for the kind words and prayers. They mean a lot to me. Peace, take care and God Bless. Rich

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Hey Rich, Just read all the above posts. I just sent a pm, but disregard that. If tightwad Frank is buying then I think you oughtta take him up on this one! Ya never know when he will be in the mood to pop for another.. let's try to weasle him into a round for the house! CharlieD, where are you??

Great news, Rich. You take it as it comes. Way to go.

Cindi o'h

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You have an amazing doctor behind you. I am always impressed that she has another card up her sleeve. Stable is a good word...it has a nice sound to it. Keep typing it in your profile.

Rochelle :D

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Hey Buddy Rich,

You know those words you talked about that mean a lot to you from everyone here?? Well, that's because you mean a LOT to all of us! :D



I know if our Betty were here on the Board she would wish you a HAPPY DANCE!

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