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2/15/06 Fay A. Update

Connie B

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Hi All,

Well, as you all know, Fay is COME! :D:D Thank you Dear Lord for hearing our prayers.

I just wanted to touch base with you so you don't worry or wonder WHY ISN'T SHE POSTING TO THE BOARD.

Fay gets very tired very easy. She can't type very well and she can't sit very long in one spot. So, I ask for your patience if you don't hear from her all the time. She is very weak. Her ride home yesterday took a lot out of her. She's trying very hard to gain some strength back.


She will or I will or her family will keep everyone updated.

I thank you ALL for your love and support for Fay, and I thank you ALL for your prayers. I do this, because she is a dear friend of mine, and I honestly appreciate all your support for her. I know you all love her as much as I do. Your wonderful people!

God Bless Us All,


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Connie, Thanks so much for the daily Fay updates.... I am so relieved she made it safely home. I, as always, love reading her posts and will be thankful if she is able to do so, but more importantly, I just thank god that she is where she most wanted to be in the whole wide world.... God Bless You Fay...

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