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4 Years This Month At Stage IV (How Sweet It Is)


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Good Day To All,

Well it's been 4 year this (never can remember the exact date/good enough for government work) month, still here doing (other then fatigue) well overall and spirits are good. Hopefully this will help the newbies coming aboard that one can live with lung cancer, have a life and it is doable. Not saying it is always easy or fun because it's not at times. I don't think I ever experienced anything like lung cancer in my entire life where it is like an octopus, reaches out and effects everyone/everything. My overall journey (me one lucky b*stard) has been very positive with a few bumps along the way here and there. I would like to thank all my wonderful family, friends, doctors and nurses for without you this would not be possible. Would like to thank the board, it gives me a place to come to and be a part of a very special group. Also thanks to the board I have meet many wonderful people including one who became my best friend and several of us are starting a walk/run this year. I hope to meet more from the board as time goes on. As long as there is life there is hope! Peace, take care and God Bless everyone.

Spirits Are Good!


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You give me such great hope and encouragement. This has been a tuff weekend on my mom, coughing up blood and what seems to be blood clots. Waiting to hear back from the Dr. Hoping this is just normal.

You are for sure an INSPIRATION!!!!!!

Hugs and Prayers


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Just don't have words adequate enough to express how WONDERFUL it is that your 'spirits are good' and that you are celebrating 4 whole years of survivorship, Rich. You are, for sure, one of a kind very special guy!

I feel privileged to be able to call you 'friend', Rich. And we are ALL so lucky to have you covering our backs!!! Thanks for all you do, your research and support, and very good humor! Ya know.............it's not just the newbies that need to see things like this, Rich. It lifts ALL of us up.

Love and MANY MANY MANY more years of good spirits!


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Rich, you are just Amazing, not only for doing so well but for being such a friend to everyone on this board. I printed out your bio once to show Ken, just so he could see there was hope. Some people can beat this monster!

Karen H

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Rich I am so happy for you. We have been on this journey dealing with lung cancer but who knows we may have been on Rt. 24 and Rt.25 going to the Cape also! I hope that I get back to the Bay State and we get to celebrate more years of survival!

Donna G

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Richard sorry I am late here. I am hearing Jackie Gleason in my head now after reading your title. It is sweet isn't it? Seems like only yesterday you came here with those monkey pictures. I am so glad you found us and took on the role of official LCSC search engine. You do a great job, an amazing job, and you seem to always be there for both the survivors and the caregivers. I can't tell you how much your friendship and devotion means to me and to this site.

So here is to another 4 years...Cindi -- where are ya girl? Open the pub -- we'll need lots of Bud Light, or as my son used to say, Butt Light.


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RIch You can Be my ring mqanager any day if I ever need one. You are an AWESOME FIGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy HAppy Joy Joy!

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