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Many times I notice folks post a bit and then we hear nothing more from them. That leaves me wondering about them and sometimes even I worry a bit as well. Amy Holler just 'met' us recently and I know why she will not be posting any further :cry: .

aholler joined LCSC on September 19, 2006. She was from Lancaster, PA as am I. So we corresponded. We had just gotten to exchange phone numbers. In her emails she sounded positive and assertive. She was a 41 yo single mom with two children ~ 7 and 4. She had just returned from Johns Hopkins for another opinion. In fact, we never even got to discuss much of her dx at all yet.

Well, in our paper Thursday night was a picture of such a pretty young woman in the obit section. It was Amy Holler. She struggled with lung cancer for 1 month and is now gone. She made only 2 posts, so most likely you know nothing of her, but she was one of us and now she is gone!


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I remember reading her first post. Such a sad thing. She was so young and had those small children. Thanks for telling us. A friend of mine 2 years ago lived only 19 days from dx. His wife said the chemo gave him pneumonia and he just didn't make it. Its always hard to lose one of our own.


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