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My husband is in the hospital - update 2/5

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..he was admitted a couple of hours ago, he was fine this morning, we went to his onc. we talked about my husband having some weakness on his left side, he ordered an MRI and told him to up his steroids.

..after we went out to eat, came home, he was doing odds and ends, I watched my soap, was tired, fell asleep, he was sitting on the other sofa, later the phone rang, it was for him, I look over, he was sitting up, eyes wide open, expressionless, not able to talk or move. At first I thought he was joking, but it wasn't a joke. I called 911, then my mom, then the cancer ctr..

all the emts, fire dept, police dept. in my house, for the life of me, I couldn't remember all his meds. he wasn't responding to any of them, they took him by ambulance to the hospital.....

..I was a few minutes behind.. at the er, he was still unresponsive, eyes wide open, looking around, they gave him some iv steroids and some ativan. I told them to talk to his onc. he went for chest xray and a ct scan of brain. As you may or may not know my husband has brain mets...

...the nurse told me he had a seizure right as he was in the er..but still didn't know. His onc. finally came and looked at my husband, he checked him out and told me, he was resisting him, which was a good sign, meaning some response, dr. told me he thinks he was having seizures, didn't rule out a stroke, but thought not so....we talked about a DNR ...he filled one out....but I held off on for tonite, let him get thru......

...he was admitted, but all the wait for a bed, the er was packed, was it a full moon?....my sister came up, he didn't respond to her either....I told her to go home....I'll be ok ( not)...but later on, he sat up in his bed, moaning...mumbling...I called the nurse, she called the ER dr. ....this was encouraging...but he still wasn't responding to me....I told him it was alright....but then we fell back to sleep...all the meds....then later he mumbled..."got to get up".....told him no....just rest...finally after mmmm 6 hrs...a bed upstairs.... got him settled.....he woke up....mumbled again....I asked him if he knew he was in the hospital...he shook his head yes, but still couldn't squeeze my hand...or speak....told him i love him and had to go home to the girls...

my girls were so upset, I told them, daddy had a seizure and was staying in the hospital...he was sleeping....

i'm just rambling....but that look on my husbands' face, when I first saw him...I will never forget...I don't know if this is a turn for the worse....I'm not ready, no matter how much I think I am...not yet....I know its' not his time yet, but I don't know how will he be in the morning....its' so hard to sleep tonite.....

please just pray for Carlton....


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I know the Fear in this and just wanted to send prayers For Grace And Carlton and Family. I know how scary following the ambulance is. Hope today brings better news and results for Carlton and Strength for Grace and teh Children.

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Sounds exactly like some of the mild seizires my mom had. I remember the stare, we would get in her face and think she was staring at us, but we eventually learned this was a seizure. For my mom, it always started that way and then went into a seizurs at dfferent parts of her body. I guess it is good that he is not doing that.

God, I know how scary it is, but I will pray a ton for him and you guys too.

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Hi Grace,

I was so upset reading this post this morning.

I am sending prayers to Carlton and your family.

Hang strong, he is in good hands. Please let us know how he is today. I pray he is much better and responsive.


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OH Grace. Please know you and your girls and Carlton are all in my prayers. Dear Lord, please be with this family as they learn Your plan, as they unfold an understanding of what is happening. Please grant them peace, hope, and continued awareness of Your love. Dear Lord, as always I pray for the miracle, and may You grant this family your comfort.



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