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No Cancer!!!


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Here's the surgery update:

The surgery went well and the bulla is removed so he should start having an easier time breathing. The pain has been hard to get under control and it looks like he will not be home before Sat. Even though he didn't have part of his lung removed, the thoracotomy matches his left side that was done last summer. Therefore, the intense post surgery pain.

The great news is that NO cancer was found in his lymph nodes or lung tissue. Just some radiation induced scarring. My husband is so thrilled to be cancer free and not have to face chemo again.


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Thank you all for your good wishes! I am looking forward to celebrating in a few weeks.

Right now my husband is making a very slow recovery. He has been home for 3 days and we currently have a machine making oxygen for him to breathe. Last time he didn't have quite as much difficulty breathing. We are told that he should only be on oxygen for 2 weeks. Someone will come out and evaluate him to see how he's doing before taking the O2. His pain is still pretty intense but the meds are helping.

I have always been afraid that he would need oxygen so this has been a bit scary for me.


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