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"I'm Going to Call You My Miracle Man"


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This is what Dr. Dawn said today!!!! We are so, so blessed today with such great news! Still no evidence of cancer!!!! She told my folks that dad was one of the 5% who have this result! (considering his initial diagnosis!)

I know we all throw stats out the window around here, but I am just brought to tears by the reality of this statement.

Thank you all for your prayers, your hope, your blessings, and your spirit that sits with me every single day of my life. May my dad give HOPE to all who enter this board as fearful as we have been.



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Jen, I have a few friends that also fall under the 5% STATS that are long term SCLC SURVIVORS, and I say, HOORAY! :D:D There are two sides to those stats, or any stats for that matter. Someone has to be the 5% of those stats! :wink: Why not your Dad? :wink: Good for your DAD!!

Congratulations to you all!

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Guest hearrean


Just wanted to let you know that is wonderful news & I'm so glad for your father. He is an inspiration to all of us. I just hope to be able to have half the success he has had when my treatment is over.

God Bless,


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