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Four and one-half years


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Congratulations Kasey thats wonderful to hear! :) Keep it up it gives so many hope and inspiration. And the answer to your question on my post of course I remember meeting you in 05. Hopefully I'll see you at the Boston Walk. I looked for you last year but could not find you. BTW Fred you left one thing out in the (4/15/09 bloodwork, urinalysis, chest x-ray, PET/CT scan, brain MRI, NED) report a wonderful person!


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Congratulations to you both! :D:D:D Kasey has been a source of strength and encouragement to me through my diagnosis, treatment, surgery, and the stress of it all. Wonderful, Wonderful News!!!


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Fred, you're just great sharing this with us. And I agree with Geri, you were not being presumptous assuming we all know who you are and that you were reporting on Kasey. She is a miracle. CONGRATULATIONS Kasey and Fred.

Judy in Key West

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woohooo !!!! There shall be much rejoicing and dancing in the streets to celebrate the good news!!!

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This is of course wonderful news!!!

Kasey is OUR miracle here too!! And you are a fantastic support and advocate for her, you both are so lucky to have each other!!

I wish I could be there to celebrate with you both!!!

Here's to 4 dozen more at least.

Love and hugs,


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