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Had a tumor removed from my eyelid

Fay A.

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I had a tumor removed from my inner eyelid yesterday. I needed only a few stitches, and I can't believe how much better my eye feels today. Every time I blinked it felt as if I had a rock scraping across the eye. The blurry vision in that eye has cleared somewhat, too. Maybe because the eye isn't being constantly irritated. I'm glad the lump is gone...

But I don't ever want to have to look at another needle headed for my eye. I couldn't close the eyelid...I just had to lie there and watch it coming towards me. :shock:

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Fay, I 'm glad they got your eye fixed up!

Buy whoa woman..you must have nerves of steel!!! Talk about staring down a needle coming straight toward your eye. :lol: You are a true warrior!!!

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YIKES! Geez! My eyes are watering! How did you do that? How did you manage to hold still? I'm so so so so glad your tumor is gone and that your eye feels so much better, but oh my, I just can't talk about this anymore. :shock: Now I know why I was never interested in being a nurse. Brrrrrrrrr! Those are my shivers and these are my goose bumps:::::::::::::

God bless you, Fay!


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Hi Fay,

I can't stand anything near or in my eye and I can't imagine how irritating that must have been.Constant irritation from a tumor scratching your eye.I am so glad that you got it fixed.Hopefully the vision and everything will return to normal soon.Did you get my pm about the dogwood pics?Praying for us all.TBone

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That hurts just reading about it. I truly believe that no doctor should perform a procedure that he or she has not had done to oneself (as much as possible--like the needle aspect--not to say that the Dr would have a tumor on the eye) in the manner they make patients suffer it. In the good ol days before HMOs, a person could request to be put out for just about any procedure and it would be AOK. Now we need permission for the procedure itself--god forbid we be knocked out.

What kind of tumor was it may I ask? Well you are one hellava woman.

Don't bllink--


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Ooooooooooo, makes me shiver just thinking about it. But if the end result means your eye feels so much better and the vision is clearing, it was a good Oooooooooooooooooo.

It is amazing what us humans put up with for the sake of 'stayin alive'.


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Geez, Fay! Are you SURE your surname isn't "Murphy"?? Gonna have to start writing "Fay's Laws" as a supplement to Murphy's...

Glad you've quit scratching your eyeball every time you flirt!

What an experience for you - you're almost like that sailor, Sinbad...

Take care,


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OH MY GOD FAY! My eyes are watering just reading this message! :shock:

Okay, I have to ask this: WHAT ---- Is your body the breeding ground for cancers in California???? Can't you share this crud with some convict or someone like that???? OY VEY GIRLFRIEND!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

Sure am glad to hear your doing better though! (((((((FAY)))))))

Much Love and Support,



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Glad you will be able to do more of this :wink: again soon!

Boy you are strong! I think seeing that needle coming at me would have made me faint, and I work in an operating room!!!!


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Glad THAT is over and done with.

Bet it feels a whole lot better.

Why didn't you tell us before, so we could cross toes etc for ya? :)

Tell ya, life is one darn thing after another.

May that be one experience that remains unique for you.

Glad you're okay, and vision's cleared.



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