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July 5 2004


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Today is July 5 2004. Today I have survived this monster for 2 years. Not bad so far considering I had myself dead in 6 months. Yes I am still fighting it but everyone here knows what that’s like. Next goal 3 years. One of many things I have learned in the past two years is I can waist a day of my life worrying about dieing or I can spend that day enjoying life. No one knows how much time they left in this life even if you don’t have cancer. Enjoy every day you have.

God Bless Us All

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You are so right about enjoying not just even every day as no one is quaranteed their next minute. I love your attitude and it put a happy face on my heart when I read it. Thanks !! And Congradualations!!

God Bless You,


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Ray--- two years is great news----but next July , I am betting that you will be reporting that it has been 3 years!!!!, and then the next July, four years, etc., etc.

I am also so glad that you are enjoying life, something I can and should learn from you

best wishes

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Hearty congratulations and all my best wishes for many, many more July 5th celebrations! Your attitude is inspiring and (I think) right on the money! Keep on living every day and enjoy this milestone even as you look forward to the next one!

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