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A Quarter of a Century (off topic)


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A lot of folks here say they find my words to be of some help. Well, I can trace the origon of my way of living back to Nov. 22nd 1979. That was my first day clean and sober after 15 years of hard drinking, using and living.

So as of today I've been clean and sober 25 years.

When I got dxd last year I kinda wanted to live long enough to see this day and, by the grace of whatever power you believe in, that has happend. (Though, to tell the truth, I really didn't think it would).

And the kicker is .... it's been a GOOD 25 years. I came off the streets, went back to school, met a WONDERFUL lady who is still my partner in this journey and built a reputation as one of the best in my proffession (and not in just one profession ... but TWO totaly different ones).

But what has made the last 25 years so good has been the chance to meet and get to know people. Good people. People like you all. People who taught me to live, laugh and love in ways I never thought possible.

I don't know just how much longer I have in this world. But be it weeks or months or whatever, when it comes time to lay my body down for the last time I know I'll be able to say to myself, "Yes, it WAS a good life".

And it don't get much better than that!


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Dean, what a huge milestone, the mark of a major accomplishment (clean and sober for 25 years!!!). Overcoming such a difficult challenge, well, that alone is more than most people achieve in a lifetime. You have earned the right to be very proud, although I know you are a humble man. It makes me feel good to know you're enjoying this day.

Congratulations, and hugs to you and Gay,


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Congratulations, Dean. What a beautiful way of life...clean and sober for 25 years is huge....

HUGE. I am proud of you. Can you imagine having to go through this disease as someone who is deep in his addiction? THAT would be double hell. With sobriety and faith in God, all things are possible.

Blessings to you, DeanCarl for another full and loving year...one day at a time.

Cindi o'h

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Congratulations on your 25th anniversary of sobriety!!

I remember years ago, sitting in a basement, listening to a speaker who had just found out he had cancer, had lost his daughter the year before and who was going through a divorce. I was incredulous, and fairly puzzled. Why, I thought, why didn't this man just drink again? What was he waiting for...I didn't get it.

I didn't realize then what a gift self-respect and dignity were. I think only those people who have lost them and then found them again, understand how precious they are. You have so many gifts Dean, and the best thing is that you are so aware that you do...

Hope you had a great day!

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Twenty Five years is wonderful. Its even better that you have made the most of them like you have. You have led a full life and been through much. Now is the time to look at it with pride. You are a beatiful person Dean. One of the big things about you is that you have learned so much. Many people just "are". They flow with the day to day and never really change for the better. You pulled yourself up. Looked at what was past and decided that was not for you. I am so proud of you. You continue to inspire me daily. Thanks for sharing this special day with us. I hope you are not in pain.


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Congratulations and happy anniversary, Dean. I can never really know just what you've been through, I can only say that I admire those who have stood on the edge of the abyss and decided to step back instead. So many people are grateful to have you here, alive and still sharing your wisdom with others.

A happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Teresa

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Congratulations on such a major accomplishment.

I do not know the varied roads you have traveled on to reach where you are now, Dean, but it is readily apparent how much wisdom you have gleaned from your life experiences (the good, the bad, and the ugly). Not many can say that they've had a good life AND acquired such knowledge.

I am so grateful that the last 25 have been so fulfilling for you, Dean. I am also (selfishly) grateful that I have "met" you and been able to benefit from your insight.

Congratulations, once again; happy Thanksgiving; and thank you.


"Let knowledge grow from more to more--and so may human life be enriched." (The University of Chicago)

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