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Test Time Again

Connie B

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Hello Friends,

Well, although I have approched that 10 year Survivor mark, (which some people seem to think I'm no longer a LC survivor and don't qualify to be a part of the LCSC Board of Director's family because of that) :shock::? I am sitting here and waiting for my test results. :roll:

I went on Monday May 8th for my Chest CT scan, and I went yesterday for my Heart Echo and some blood work.

Now most of you know, I also have added a small heart problem to being a lung cancer survivor. :roll::x

I have a nodule on my upper right (& only) lung that we have been watching for some time. I still hope it hasn't done anything but hang out there!

2 years ago, I had what is called a Myxoma Tumor in the left atrium of my heart, that they removed back then. Well, at my last CT scan 6 months ago, we noticed something in that left atrium again.

Myxoma's on the NORM, do NOT come back, BUT..... in rare cases it has happened. So we are seeing if it has grown. If it has, then it's the Myxoma, and if NOT, then it's just a nubbin and nothing to worry about. Keeping my fingers, toes, etc. crossed for a NUBBIN.

In the last 7 months though, I have become very SOB as soooooooooo many of you are dealing with and going through. I've joined the ranks of being SOB, but like Katie told me, it's better to HAVE SOB then BE AN SOB!!! :lol::lol::lol: That was a GOOD ONE!!!!

Well, having gone through tests over the last 6 months off and on, they also learned I have a leak in one of my heart valves and that may be causing some shortness of breath. BUT, I also have COPD that appears to be getting to the point of being a problem. SOOOOOOOO!

Although I maybe CURED from my lung cancer of 10 years ago, and I really haven't had any MAJOR problems up until that heart tumor 2 years ago. I guess I honestly don't have ANYTHING to complain about during 8 years of my LC journey with no real problems! HOORAY! I know how LUCKY I was and even now, how LUCKY I still am. But, I'm not complaining. I've been on a wonderful ride these last 10 years. I've had lots of GOOD THINGS happen along with, some very very SAD THINGS in my 10 year journey. But I remain a very GRATEFUL 10 year lung cancer survivor.

So, having said all that, I would like to ask all of you if you could maybe say an extra prayer or two that all my test will be okay.

No matter what the out come of these tests will be, I know they will be what they will be and I will have to deal with that when I learn the news. But it's nice to add a couple extra prayers to my prayer chain.

THANK YOU ALL, and I continue to PRAY for ALL of us.

Hugs and Support to All,

Connie B

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Prayers coming your way, as requested!!

FYI -- in my opinion, the fact that you are a 10 YEAR LUNG CANCER SURVIVOR not only qualifies you to be the leader of this pack, but it gives me faith and hope to keep going on this journey -- you are an inspiration to us all!!

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Oh dear, Connie!!!

I DO agree that your journey probably OVERqualities you as a member or leader of this bunch of sorry SOB's. Oh NO - didn't MEAN it!!!!!!!!!!! Meant we are ALL short of breath - you know - not the "other".

You are so there for everyone - of COURSE we will all be there for you!!! So many prayers - can't count them all. Of course I pray for EVERYONE on the board each day. Sometimes individual names need to be mentioned. You're on the list, my friend, as I am sure you are on everyone's list.

Let us know pronto!!!! You know we HATE the waiting game. So don't want to wait on your report to us!!!

For some reason am getting a good feeling. Sure hope all is well for you.


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Our dear, dear Connie,

Prayers steadfastly offered today and each day for you. We relish your faithfulness and your concern.

The waiting is so hard and so scary, at least, as we love to say.............none of us has to do it alone.


Pat and Brian

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Connie, my friend, as Leader of the Pack are you wearing high boots and black leather. hhmmmmmm.

You are always in my prayers, always, always. I need a free place to stay in Vegas, so you need to be healthy.

Let us know the good news the minute you get it.

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I'm glad to know a 10YEARSURVIVOR!!!!!!! Good luck on your tests, I have one coming up too and am starting to feel really, really anxious. Let us know how you do....


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Hi Connie,

I did not realize it has been 10 years for you. You are #1 here and certainly have giving meaning to LC survivor. That certainly gives so many hope that you can get through this and beat the odds. You were diagnoised IIIB and here you are. Fantastic!!!

Of course I will send you prayers along with everyone in your family on this board.

Keep us posted.

Bless you,


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Casey says above that she has a good feeling, and I'm gonna go with that, too. 8) This is only your FIRST ten years of survival, remember. Ten, going on 20 (then 30, etc.). Hang in there, and here's hoping and praying your SOB will go away for good, soon! :wink:


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