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Hi everyone


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I've been gone for quite a while! I'm sorry I'm so far behind with everyone.

My recovery from getting out of the hospital has been very slow. I'm just now getting some of my strength back. I still have pain issues, we are going to try a milder dose of the pain patch that they sent me home with. The one I was on was just making me want to stay in bed all day, and I was a bit loopy on it too.

My last scan showed blood clots in the left lung, and all other areas remained unchanged, sooo, I'm back on the lovenox shots.

I'm not on any chemo right now, I'll get new scans of the chest and spine at the end of the month and go from there. Right now I'm just trying to get stronger.

I miss you all so much, thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.


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Oh, Teri, you have absolutely no idea how happy I am to see you post. I was just about to head for bed and so glad I saw this before I left.

I have missed you so much and thrilled to hear that you are getting back some strength.

I have been praying for you. Now, DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!!

Sending you tons of love and hugs,


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We have all been so worried about you. Seeing your name on your post made me smile right away. It meant you were home. I hope your strength gets better each day and that the pain issues can be resolved soon. Golly, I've missed you.

Keeping you in my prayers.


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Thank you so much for the post. I pray for you every day and think about you and yes, worry. Today you have made me smile!!

Thank you.

I hope your strength returns soon.........Maybe the hint of Spring in the air will help? ~ Although, in TX, it may be much more than the little hint we have in IL..................maybe like a big shout???

Lots of love


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Hi Teri,

Welcome home. It must feel so good to be home. It was great to see your posts and I pray they get that pain under control. I know once that happens you will regain your strength.

Praying for you Teri.

Maryanne :wink:

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Welcome home and hope you continue to progress and improve! Pain management is a huge issue. Jim was experiencing a lot of chest pain (probably because several ribs are now involved as well as progression into the pleura where there are nerves). Tried oxcodone which didn't work, and then they put him on Fentanyl pain patches in varying strengths. The patches didn't seem to work well for him at all... didn't control the pain, and also made him extremely sleepy and "dopey" -- sometimes he even got a "wild eyed" look that really concerned us. Finally they removed the patch and put him on time-release oxycontin which he can supplement with low dose oxycodone and ibuprofen. He finally seems comfortable. He doesn't want to feel "out of control"! Sandy

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