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Dad is getting surgery... (Update: surgery this Fri)


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His case was presented to the Lung Cancer Tumor Board today. No one can agree or figure the puzzle out. The only way to confirm for sure it is cancer is to have it removed. He has an appointment with the thoracic surgeon next Tues, on his 65th b-day :)

The good news is it will mean a week off of work for me :lol: My mom doesn't really drive anymore (why should she, my dad is retired so he is a personal chauffer to the nail salon and I am her driver to the malls and hair salon), so I will take her to and from the hospital each day.

ALthough my parents are already arguing, dad saying "Marsha, you cannot visit me every day, someone must take care of Buddy." Uh, Buddy is a dog, he can manage alone for a good few hours ;)

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Well, Andrea, this sounds like the BEST solution for figuring out the puzzle. Hopefully the result will bring the info needed to get this resolved. My hopes are that it will be something VERY doable and easily fixable, ya know. Sending my very best vibes your Dad's way, Andrea. Also sending 'calming' thoughts your way. I know how anxiety works..............unfortunatley.


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Hello Surgeon, Please make sure what ever you find is BENIGN and you will take it out and make everything better! :wink: Thank you for your attention to this very frustrating health issue! Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Andrea, please pass this on to dad's surgeon. :P:wink::D It's just a simple request, but it comes from the heart!


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Thanks everyone. I am not sure what kind of surgery, we are hoping it is minimally invasive. I am not sure if it will be just the nodule, a wedge resection, a lobectomy, etc. There are a few nodules in taht area.

I am so mad, the insurance company just denied his brain MRI :evil: The doctor's office is trying to work on it. Never before did we have a problem and you all know my mom has had a lot done!

Major paranoia is setting in with me, I wonder if I need a chest scan, I had a chest x-ray a few m onths ago and they said it was fine but what if they were wrong, I had it at urgent care and they said they compared it to the one before but what is there really to compare, etc. I need a xanax :)

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Dear Andrea,

I wish you could see my smile right now. Not because your dad has to have surgery, of course, but after I read your first post, I was going to respond and ask where's the panic attack? I didn't see it in your post. LOL! Well, you didn't disappoint me. I got to the bottom of the thread and THERE IT WAS!

Bless your heart, Andrea. You are such a sweetheart, and I guess I'm never going to talk you out of the paranoia, so I give up. Just go ahead and be yourself. I think you are ok just the way you are. Go ahead and freak out if that's what you need to do, or drive out to the Dairy Queen and get a hot fudge sundae with whip cream. Everybody has their own ways of coping.

I loved hearing how your mom and dad are arguing about the dog. It reminded me a lot of me and Don. We fussed over our dogs more than we did over each other. :) I also love hearing about your dad having to chauffer your mom to the nail salon, hair salon and shopping. After his surgery, ask him if he'll come to Indiana and pamper me like that for a while. Just don't forget to tell him that I'll also be needing his credit card. :wink:

I'll pray for your dad, Andrea, and for the surgeon to have the skill of God at his fingertips!

God bless you, honey!



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Hi Andrea,

Keeping everthing crossed here that all comes out fine with your dad.

You made made me laugh with the comment about your mom and dad arguring... brought back memories of my folks.

I love the link that Peggy gave to you. You can't help but smile when view it.

But I guess a Xanax would help also.... :D

take care and keep us posted.

Prayers sent to your dad.

Maryanne :wink:

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