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You guys are the BEST medicine there is!!!!! There is no doubt that all your good thoughts, wishes, and prayers have made me feel better indeed! Of course I have been jacked up on drugs most of the week :roll: .....and that is good. Between the benadryl for the itching and the codeine for the coughing, I have been rather out of it. Seems all of a sudden I developed an allergic reaction the the antibiotics I was taking for ANOTHER unrelated problem. GEEZ...........!

My side is finally feeling not so sore. I'm not certain if it is pulled muscles or a bruised rib. My PCP said he would have ordered CT scans right away for that AND the cough IF I didn't already have so many tests scheduled at NIH for my regular 3 month checkup which will take place Monday and Tuesday next week. So he was just trying to fix me up good enough so I wouldn't be itching and coughing for them. I think I'll be okay by then.

I've been a bit concerned since arm, neck, shoulder, and back have been giving me some trouble for a while now. But after reading about all the long-term effects of radiation, I am hoping that is all it is.

So good friends of mine, thank you for all your caring. I will know next Wednesday how I am doing as far as LC goes. Many posts and PM's I will try to catch up on......but still feeling tired and not quite 'right' ~ whatever that means.

And a belated Happy New Year to you all!!!



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Thanks for touching base with us for the update.

Aaaaarrrggghhhh -- itching!!!! It can be maddening. I have severe eczema, so I really felt for you when I heard. Glad it is getting under control and they found the cause.

Prayers and hoping for continued good results for you next week.


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Oh dear friend, itchin' and coughin' sounds like a country western song to me. Glad things are on the upswing. It sure does seem that radiation is like a good friend that comes to visit and never leaves.

I have great confidence that your friend NED will be coming to visit again next Wed. I will have you held close in my heart and prayers.

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Kasey...so glad to hear that you're recouping from the itchies and coughs. I know you have really had a time of it. So glad you're back with us!!! You have been missed!!!

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