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Aaron in hospital


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Aaron was admitted to the hospital late Sunday night. He's had extreme SOB, fatigue, and problems walking (largely due to neuropathy) and a bad cough. I called the doctor on Friday, and they thought he should go to urgent care, but he was having none of it. I finally convinced him today that we should really go in, and he agreed. Aaron had an MRI and a PET last week. We found out tonight that the MRI looks good - everything is improved. Looks like the WBR worked, and the radiation oncologist at MSK actually is the superstar that everyone says he is. They hadn't received the results of the PET yet because it was done late on Friday at a private company. Long story short, they don't really know what's wrong with him. They think he might have an infection of some kind, but they are unsure and wanted to keep him overnight until they receive the PET results. Aaron hasn't really been himself lately. He hasn't really had the energy to much of anything, and even gets tired walking to the bathroom. While part of me wants to pass this off as side effects of the WBR and the Taxol, I think there's something else wrong. I really hope they can figure out what it is tomorrow so my sweet Aaron can be comfortable for once. Positive thoughts, prayers, and meditations needed.

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IO know how scary this is right now Ben there several times. Take comfort in that the hospital is sometimes the best place to be to get better. THey can be with him 24/7 and look after Aaron and make him all better and stronger also..Take a cd of Feist for him cause every time I hear 1 2 3 4 I think of you Folks and not the commercial. Hugs and Prayers for a speedy and full recovery!!!!!

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Thanks for letting us know. I hope this is WBR side effects. We had 2 similar periods here after WBR - one in June, and then a surprising second decline in August/September. A brain MRI and a lumbar puncture showed nothing. It was concluded that my husband was having "early/delayed" effects of WBR, and he did get better.

You hang in there and keep us posted.


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