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Final Update Connie B 12/19

Donna G

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I just talked with Maurie on the phone. Katie is with him. He said as Katie below and also that they gave Connie a pacemaker and 2 Arteries in her heart. My prayers are going up that she recovers smoothly from this 11+ hour surgery.


Below from Katie

Surgery is over . Connie is off the bypass machine and is now on

ventalator. It was a very difficult case with the scar tissue, getting

into the chest and then doing the bypass (they used two veins from her

legs, and then put iin a mechanical valve.

They also discovered that a bone in her chest had never healed from

the last surgery which might have contributed to some of her pain,

They've closed her up and she is expected to Be on a ventilator and in

coma for at least 48 hours,. it's watch and wait at this point but the

procedures themselves were successful,

They had her for 12 long hours today.

Maurie and I will get to see her in about 30 minutes.

The next 24 hours are critical but so far so good! Thank goodness.


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Thank you Andrea and Donna for Katie's update on our Connie....Whew!! glad at least the surgery is over..now the pray's for a quick recovery...Geezzzz that sounds like a very very tough operation...but our Connie is a tough cookie and she'll show them who's boss :-)...many prayers for you sweet Connie...I will be looking anxiously for more update...Thank your Katie...Your the greatest...

hugs to all ...Nonni

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Will continue to pray for Connie and a swift, uneventful recovery. She is a wonderful person and deserves a only the best. Her surgery was long and hard on her so I hope the "coma"(probably drug induced) will help her heal and go home soon.

Thanks for the update, I was worried all day.


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