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cindi o'h


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News Death Notice

HOLZGROVE, Cynthia M. 52 of Kettering, March 31. No services. (BRADFORD-CONNELLY & GLICKLER FUNERAL HOME)

Published in the Dayton Daily News on 4/6/2008.

I wondered why I hadn't heard from her lately. Should have checked on her more. She always asked me how everyone was doing and I kept her up to date. If I find out any more I will let you know.

I will miss her. :cry:


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Her last post was 2/15. We have lost a long term member who helped others with 4718 posts! She had been a survivor over 5 years. Now she is with her brothers who preceded her.

We will miss her. May she rest in peace.


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thoughts prayers and condolences to the family of a very compassionate understanding Warm Human being today! So sorry to read this news

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Thank you for letting us know. Cindi was a dear friend to alot of us. She hadn't posted since Feb 2007 when there was conflict with her and another board member. At that time, all sorts of accusations were flying, including that she was an imposter. Is this why she left us last year? Please PM me and tell me about her last year.

My heart just breaks, I read this at work and I'm now home and able to unblock my game face and have a good cry. She was such a beautiful person and I tried to help from a distance and would have done anything for her. However, I lost contact. I hope she had a peaceful passing and didn't suffer.

May she rest in peace.

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I used to mail Cindi stuff when she lived in MN. I never knew her new address. I remember she considered a move to HI and I think she settled on OH.

I am so sad.

She was the first person I checked on when I came back to the board.

She seemed so alone and I am just so sad to know that I lost track of her.

I am just so sad to read this and pray she was not alone during the past year.


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I am so sad to hear this news about Cindi. Just a week or so ago, I was asking Jackie if she heard from her anymore, as she had been on my mind. Cindi and I really connected on this board and on the telephone. I spent so much time just talking to her and I always felt she was so lonely. When I heard she liked oranges, I shipped some up some honey bells to her when they were in season and really sweet. I pray that she has finally found the peace that she so deserves!!!

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Poor Cindi, She has been through so much but always kept on fighting.

I spoke to her as much as possible and I really feel it was not the LC that got her it was her heart.

Bless her soul, I know many of us will miss her. She missed so many of you guys on here.

I feel guilty that I have been meaning to call her for the past month and seem to have just forgotten and thought I would call her today, then I got side track. I feel so bad :cry: She was such a good soul and had a heart of gold.

See people never put off calling someone.... it hurts when you read something like this and now I feel soooo guilty.

Rest in peace my friend....

missing you...

Maryanne :cry:

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Well. I guess the wondering is over...we know what happened to Ms Cindi,

I too was lax in making my last phone call, she moved before I could make amends and I've been feeling guilty for not knowing where she was and how she was.

I've missed those hours of sick humor phone calls for a while now and they will be no more. But Ms Cindi will live on in our hearts and memories and continue to make us smile whenever we think of her.

Godspeed Cindi,


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