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Brain Surgery update from 4-6-04


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Hi All,

I cannot say thank you enough for all of your cards, prayers, phone calls and support. This comes from the bottom of my heart and I cannot tell all of you how much you mean to me. I have truly been blessed...

I wanted to give you an update on the surgery, the stay at the hospital and coming home (YEAH!!!)...

I had surgery Tuesday, right on time at 7:30AM and lasted 3.5 hours. The tumor was smaller that what the doctor thought. Said he got a really clean margin and feels confident he got ALL of it. It was not beneign, radiation is necessary. Nuerosurgeon suggests WBR, he said it will be up to radaition onc. to get rid of all mico cells, tumors not seen. He said CT and MRI only showed the one tumor. Will get this going next week with City of Hope here in Riverside. Radiation will probably start in 2-3 weeks, giving me time to hael back there....

I know Francine, Bob MC and Tbone had WBR. How are all of you doing? Did you all have to be on Decadron and if so how much per day? I pray that you are all doing well and always in my prayers...

The surgeon did such a magnificent job on the incision, it is almost healed and this is only after four days. As the surgeon said it is just a flesh wound. He said like a long scratch and that is what it looks like. It is truly amazing. I had NO pain meds. I have had 4 regular strength Tylonol, 2 X-Strength Excedrin for a .5 scale headache and that was yesterday. I asked for the Tylonol and the nurse said do you want that or Morphine. I said I don't need Morphine, it's only a headache (very low grade) and I don't need something that strong. They had me up to 6mg of Decadron daily til yesterday. I am now back down to the original one daily. I feel really awesome other that the neck muscles did have to be cut in the center on the neck (Horizontal) and I can already feel they are healing and will be ok. Surgeon said they don't like cutting and they will heal properly. This doctor is totally awesome and I would reccommend him to all of you. If you ever need brain surgery, he's the man...

The day of the surgery, I was put into ICU for 24 hours. I was in recovery for 1-1/2 hours. I wasn't in ICU but 3-4 hours and was basically eating them out of there. They said it is unheard of to have brain surgery and start eating when I did. I was eating yogurt, applesauce, peanut butter and crackers, jello. At around 8:00 that night, they brought me a turkey sandwich, jello and cookies. They couldn't believe it. The Lord has healed me and said eat my child... LOL That was on Tuesday and I am still eating very well. I know it will stop once off this Decadron so I am just enjoying food for the first time in my life (seriously.) I am not a food connisouier (sp?)...

Well, I am happily home now and can't be on the computer like I was before for a while. I even went to church for Good Friday last night. Praise God! I will post and responding to your posts too. I support each and every one of you and this is not about just me. It is about all of you and I am so there for all of you and your loved ones. I am so here to for you too. I will answer your e-mails and just want to say from the bottom of my heart "THANK YOU and I am BLESSED".....

Will post again really soon too....

God Bless, I love all of you and your ALWAYS in my prayers,


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Hi Karen,

Very happy to learn that all went well and that you are home now. As for WBR, yes I underwent that procedure with no difficulties and it was followed up by radiotactic surgery. No decadron (leastwise that I can remember)!!!.

Continue to do well Karen, my prayers remain with you all,

God Bless Us All,


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I am so glad that all our prayers were answered and your surgery went well.I did not have surgery but I did have WBR.I think it was 15 treatments.I was on 6mg/day of decadron to start,then down to 4 then 2 and then to 2 every other day and then to zero.I am still off decadron but if subsequent MRI shows growth I will start back I guess.The radiation really wore me out bad.I hope it does not effect you in the same way or quite as bad.It didn't really bother me until it was all over.About a week after the last treatment is when the fatigue set in.I did loose all my hair during treatment but no other real problems.After the last treatment my head blistered and the tops and insides of my ears blistered bad.I used Swell Cream for that with success.I was just starting to return to normal in about 3 weeks after treatment and I started on more radiation to the chest and that I when my appetite left me.I don't want to be negative at tall.I would not be here if not for the WBR.It did shrink the tumors and relieved my awful headaches,noises,and loss of movement in my fingers.I just want you to be prepared to rest a bunch afterwards if it does you like it did me.I had a sinus problem at the time which I think aggravated my response.I was already really congested when I started and that got worse too.This sounds terrible.I am sorry.I don't feel any of those effects now and I pray that the tumors remain shrunk.Praying for the best for all of us.TBone

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Wow, Karen, you are drop dead amazing. Up and eating within hours, you are my kind of lady.

Earl had WBR, he had been on decadron before and during his brain surgery and recovery. He did not need it during WBR. He did lose his hair, and was very tired, otherwise the WBR was a no brainer (No pun intended)

Earl has been empty headed since his surgery which was done 10/03/02.

I am so glad you are home for Easter and feeling well. Want to see you in chat on Tuesday. Have a HAPPY BUNNY DAY.



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What an inspiration you are to all of us. I am so relieved that things went well. I have had you on my mind all day and am gald to see you post. I want you guys to know how special this lady is, here she is having brain surgery and she sent me a card to offer me support to help me make it over my latest bump in the road! Thank you for your thoughtfulness Karen. May God Bless you with speedy recovery from surgery and no problems during WBR. Can't wait to see you post NED!!!!


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That is such woderful news Karen. God really does answer prayers and you are living proof. I'm really proud of you for refusing the Morphine when you felt like you didn't need it. God Speed in your recovery and will look for you back on chat.

By the way don't believe what Ry says about chat getting out of control. Would such nice ladies like us act like that? Really :!:

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WHAT AN AMAZINGLY POSITIVE POST!!!! I'm so happy that you are doing so well, and especially happy that you are so "centered" right now. It was wonderful to hear from you, but please remember that you and your recovery are the first priority right now. Rest and take care. Prayers continue.

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What an inspiring story!! You faced off with the beast and you won a round. You have taken the fear out of many of our hearts.......You are surviving cancer AND brain surgery!! It can be done. Thank you Karen for proving it. Prayers for the speediest of recoveries are coming your way.

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