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Wish me luck!


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Well, tomorrow is CT scan time again. Time to find out if the 2nd chemo regimen of Taxotere by itself is working after 3 cycles. As many of you know, my first 3 cycles of Gemzar and Cisplatin were ineffective and I was switched to Taxotere. If this does not work, then I will be offered Iressa or I will have a chance to enroll in the GAVX clinical trial at UCLA. Other factors will play a role as well.

Anyway, it's blood work and then CT scan. I kinda feel like Faye A. a couple weeks ago. I'm not sure if I want the chemo to be working or be eligible for GAVX. I wish I could do both, but they will only let you enroll in the GAVX clinical if you are not on chemo. At least, there is another option.

Always hoping and praying for a CURE for all of us.


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You know my prayers are with you...I will be driving down to LaJolla for blood work tomorrow and you'll be riding with me in my thoughts. I should be looking at the clinical trial information on GAVX also.

By the way, i know you have received the Cancer Survivors' Luncheon invitation for June 11th at Cedars. I am thinking about attending and, although I know some of your feelings, I would love it if you were going also. I hope there will be some research, etc. information given, plus I know there will be some inspirational talks. Please let me know if you might go so I can meet up with you.

I think of you and pray for you always, and certainly hope we can get together again...if not, at the luncheon, another time.



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You are always in my prayers. I hope the Taxotere worked for you. Praying special prayers. Maybe once you are finished with the chemo, you can do the G-VAX also. Praying for a cure for all of us. I know it's out there, we just need a researcher to expose it.

Margaret/Cathy have a good lunch at Cedars. Is this by invitation only and do you have to be a patient at Cedars? Hugs to you both. Always in my prayers...

Blessings and hugs,


PS. Margaret, I haven't heard from Lisa O about dinner in Anaheim - 5-20

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