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News on TBone

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I got some news on TBone via TeeTaa a little bit ago. TBone is still in the hospice facility. They are having a terrible time getting the right balance of pain medication for him. TeeTaa is at TBone's house staying with his kids so his wife can be with him. It's really a hectic time for them right now. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE say a very special prayer for this family and of course for TBone. TeeTaa said that she will post a bit more about the situation when she has time.

Keeping TBone and his family in my thoughts and prayers~~~


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Since we hadn't heard in the last day or so I was afraid there were complications. I always have Tbone and his family in my prayers and I hope he gets out of this terrible pain quickly. Maybe he just is not one of the ones that can use the methodone. Surely they can find something that will help without making him a zombie. T...when you read this I hope you are home and feeling like your old self.


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