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TBone has died.


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From my dad's memorial brochure, and so appropriate here:


God looked around His garden;

He found an empty place

He then looked down upon this

earth and saw your tired face.

He put His arms around you

and lifted you to rest

God's garden must be beautiful,

He always takes the best.

He knew that you were suffering;

He knew you were in pain

He knew that you would never

get well on earth again.

He saw that road was getting rough

and the hills are hard to climb

So He closed your weary eyelids

and whispered peace be thine.

It broke our hearts to lose you

but you didn't go alone

For part of us went with you

the day God called you home.

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Thank you all so much for your most heartfelt sentiments. This is indeed a sad, sad day here on the boards. I just feel so very blessed and honored that I was the one to be holding TBone's hand as he finally found peace.

Just like Tess and Rob, we watched that beautiful full moon last night and knew that it was there to guide him on his way. As it appeared on the horizon, we opened wide the french doors to the patio of the hospice room, and Terry was looking right at it for several hours.

I must close with something ViVi and I just found that Terry had said in regards to the end of his funeral. At his request, our nephew Jake will play the John Prine song "Fish and Whistle" and Terry's words were, "Let's all whistle and go fishing in heaven this afternoon. Sounds like fun to me."

So whistle a little tune, go bait your hook, and know that you made Terry's last few months so much more wonderful.


Katha (aka TeeTaa)

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I am very sorry for your loss. Please accept our condolences.

I think he did win in some important ways. He won more time, he won more closeness with the important people in his life, and he won a host of new friends. I bet he is all smiles up in Heaven right now.

Peace to you all, Margaret & Jim

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Guest Phyllis

I am very sorry about T-Bone. I thought that he would make it. I am glad that he has no more pain to deal with or this disease. Take care.

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Oh, Katha, Ginger, Ann and all of TBone's wonderful family,

I cannot tell you how sorry I am for your loss. Since we knew the end was near, I've been praying for his peace and comfort and for you all, and I guess I just didn't realize how hard it would hit me when the news of his passing actually came. I'm weeping and I feel even more of a loss than I had braced myself for.

TBone was one of the first people I "met" on the boards, the first person here who sent me a PM, and one of the people I always particularly loved to hear from. You sisters have also been such an inspiration to me.

If I lived even a little closer, I'd be at TBone's funeral. I love the thought of him going fishing in heaven. I hope he finds my grandfather (TBone, look for Lester "Dutch" Chapman) and spends a few afternoons fishing with him - They'll have a grand time.

I'm just so sorry, just so sad. My prayers are with you all, and especially the children.


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To TBone's family,

I just saw this and I am so sorry. Your family is a group to be admired though, as is evidenced by all these replies and thoughts of condolences. Please count me as an admirer of TBone and the whole clan.....I don't know what else to say.

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I am so sorry. Words fail me. I am so very sad for all of T-Bone's family as the tremendous love and support of the entire group was so obvious. T-Bone was a caring and compassionate member of this group. I will miss him and his strength.

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