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Early report in - CT reads "no sign of disease / stable


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I don't see my oncologist until next Friday for the "official" scoop, but a little birdie told me the results so I could enjoy the weekend.

Good to go for another three months!

(Sorry for the edits, the darn title keeps coming out screwy!)

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For some reason, I cannot edit my own post to add my thanks to all who put a word in on a "one stick" CT needle - one stick was all it took this time!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

I just HATE needles...one-stick is reason to celebrate in my world of hard-to-find veins!

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They are all my HAPPY faces working for ya, Becky. I am very hopped up over THIS great news. For sure it will impact your holiday celebrations. Good for you!



PS: I now what you mean about sticks - one time a gal actually tried 5 times!!!! YIKES....give me a break, ya know?

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Absolutely wonderful news. It almost 3 years for you and that is a big milestone. I am so happy for you (and me) that I really do wish we could throw a big party for all the folks here at LCSC and have Cindi tend bar for about 15 minutes til the hired guy gets there. Lots of good music, dancing for those that want to and lots of drinks of their choice.

Merry Christmas to a fellow NERD.


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