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I'm going to Leave the Board for a While....!!!


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My many dear Friend's i've learned to truly care for i've decide i'm unable to continue for at least for now, the pain of our losses and reading the posting's of other's that are leaving a message we've all read and heard before with so much eventual sadness. I will still remember all in my prayer's and hope for only the best and continue to pray for that majic pill to cure this DAMN desease.Hopefully my thought's and attitude will change in the near future. So GOD BLESS AND KEEP FIGHTING AND HOPING>>>>>Larry

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My very best to you, Larry. I'm so sorry for your pain. Thank you for all your contributions. I hope that you will find comfort and peace in the days ahead. You will be remembered in prayers, as well.

May God bless, and guide you!


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Thank you for the info. on the Medicare insurance. I still don't understand how this stuff works. I have an appt. next Tuesday with Medicare people. I had an HMO before and I have exhausted the time frame with them. :( It was Cobra from previous employer. Cigna, good ins.. I will miss your posts. I understand you need some time for yourself to heal. Sending you prayers and blessings..


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I sure do understand, Larry. It is hard to stay, but hard to leave, too. I pray that God blesses you over and over again.

You know, your "bride" still lives in your heart, and she will always be there. I think that's kind of what is meant by our "spirit". Our spirit is who we are, who we touch, who we affect and how we affect them now and forever. Your bride still lives.

Love and hugs,


P. S. You'll be back! :)

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Hi Larry,

I understand that you must go. I have enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you. I'll miss your potty humor. And I will miss all of your apostrophe's. :(

God Bless you and hold you close. Stay close to that priest of yours. He has some wisdom that seems rare.

Will see you when you check in okay?

Cindi o'h

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Larry, I can say from the bottom of my heart that meeting you here has been a true pleasure. You have shared with this group some wonderful thoughts, ideas and humor. I can thoroughly understand you're need to leave and take some time for healing. But, I would prefer we use the term "leave of absence" rather than just leaving. Please pop in on us from time to time. You will be missed. It's hard to say goodbye to "family."

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