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Pancoast IIIA/B NSCLC -- Now 6 1/2 years....


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Now six and a half years out from surgery, and still NED.

The results of the Phase II clinical trial which was stopped at 1 year for immediate implementation -- that's right, phase II! -- were just published for the 96 month mark (8 years). They still have not yet reached the 50% survival mark . That means most people are still alive. The pancoast tumors never came back.

That's the protocol the doctor pulled out at the 11th hour to use on me. From an Abstract, no less, in a Conference Proceedings publication.

Literally, I was due for palliative surgery of a 13 pound tumor on Tuesday, and Friday afternoon I get a call to see the surgeon in his lab. The Radiation oncologist happened to spot this in her readings, and thought it might be worth a try.

So I had 25 rounds of radiation flanked at either end by Cisplatin/VP-16 chemo (6 days). 7 weeks later a 14 hour surgery, followed by two more chemos at 1 and 2 months.

Dam*ed tumor was dead on removal. Never turned up again.

Talk about random chance, and flukes, and coincidences.... Still shaking my head in wonder.....

Bottom line is I AM STILL HERE.

And thankful to be so.

Although I may not be around much or post much ( I remember Snowflake's comment about my illustrating the ugly truth only too well in postings), I am here, by God's good grace, against all logic and reason.

I poke my head in and read, cheering your successes and rooting for you in your challenges. I share your tears.

I just do it more quietly these days.

Miracles can and do happen. They may as well happen to you as to anybody else.

But the bottom line is attitude. If you go out with a positive attitude, you still win.

Love to you all,

( PMs or email if you like, I'm here to help, albeit QUIETLY now...).



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Hurray for you, MaryAnn! Hurray for NED! Hurray for Dr. Schrump! Hurray for the rad onc! I was thinking and praying all day yesterday (Fred too)! We are overjoyed for you and the girls. Now keep up with your rehab and regain some stamina, ya hear? I thank God every day for you, dear friend. May those 6-1/2 years multiply many many fold.

Love and thank you for helping me to be here with you,


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Miracles can and do happen. They may as well happen to you as to anybody else.



Miracles CAN HAPPEN and DO is RIGHT, and MaryAnn I am sure glad your one of them! :D:D:D:wink:

So glad to see your doing so well. That really is great news!

Just goes to show that there really are two sides to those Stats, and Thank God we're living proof!!! :D:wink:

It's always good to see you pop in. :)

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