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Joel's 3 month CT


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Sorry I havm't been on that much so busy with work. But I try to get on sometime during the day or night to answer some posts.

Anyway, I just want you all to know that it's that time again. Crunch time... Joel gets his CT today and his appointment is next week to find out the results. Hope that nodule is still stable.


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Maryanne, you KNOW that Fred and I hope that nodule is stable as well. We ALWAYS hang onto the hope that things like that may actually disappear!!!! We think one of Fred's did since it was mentioned once and never again on any of the scans. So along with the best luck we can send along, will be positive vibes, fervent prayers, and we even have Teddy with his paws crossed too!!!!!

I go next week to check on the 'artifact' thing. Our hope is that it may be gone. I get results Wednesday, so maybe we all will be meeting in the Pub for one heck of a celebration!

Post those pics too ~ even if you don't have them all.

Love and (((HUGS))) too ~ especially for Joel.


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It'd take a cold day in you know where for me to wait a week for my CT results. Thats cruel and unusual punishment no matter where you are. I always insist on speaking to the radioligst after the scan is done.

Only takes him a second to look at it....he doesnt go into to much detail but he can tell me OK or not OK

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