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Well, last week was not a good week, tests showed that the tumors had started growing again and I have also exhausted all the treatment options available from Medical University of South Carolina (I've lived too long :lol: ). So my options were to just accept palliative care to be kept as comfortable as long as possible or try and get into a Lung Cancer Trial at Duke.

I opted for a trial at Duke and it looks like they have one that may benefit me, nothing will cure me, only hope of prolonging my existence. Which I will do as long as I am comfortable and able. The trips to Duke will be a pain (5hours)and I do not know what the schedule will be. This will start in about a month.

I want to work as long as I can…it keeps my mind occupied and pays the bills, but I am sure I will have to cut back closer to 30 hours per week.

I have a cough that is worsening all the time, this weekend I had a coughing fit and lost my voice, so I can not speak very loudly. I still feel fair, but the emotional roller coaster ride has really drained me.

Thanks and love to you all


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I am SO GLAD to hear you opted for the Trial!! God only knows what will work, but I admire that your willing to try it all my friend. :wink: I think I would do the same.

Hang in there Jim. This trial just might be the magic bullet! I will continue to be HOPEFUL!!


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that is a double darn with a few #*#*# thrown in. I can imagine your head is just spinning right now. When it stops spinning you can focus again.

5 hour car rides mean a book on CD for me. I have listened to every Bernie Siegel book--his voice still calms me.

good luck


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Maybe there is a way to find trials on irreversible EFGR inhibitors like HKI-272

This drug is supposed to work after Tarceva stops working.

http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct/show/N ... 77?order=1

It looks like there is a trial of sns-595 at Duke that looks interesting. One reason chemo fails sometimes is because of a mutation in the P53 gene.

It appears that sns-595 does not work through the p53 gene so it the cancer is less likely to be chemo-resistant to this drug.

It is supposed to be pretty easy on the body.

Good luck

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Good luck on your trial Jim. I would opt for reasonably good quality existence too. I have heard of some oncologists repeating a former treatment that has worked well, as long as a year or 2 has elapsed since it was last applied. I don't see taxotere in your list. You could try that.

Don M

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You are our energizer bunny--you keep going and going and going. So sorry for the bad news and the long drive. Glad you are opting for a clinical trial at Duke.

You have always been my inspiration and you were Charlie's, too. Take care. Many daily prayers being said for you, Jim. You CAN do this!


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Jim,I have been pretty much on pallitive care for a little over a year now and still doing fairly well.They never mentioned any clinical trials(I wouldn't be able to pay out of pocket for them anyway).

They still do a good job of monitoring me and doing all they can to maintain decent quality of life.

I hope that trial will help you.You sure have worked hard at beating this and really deserve to have things turn for the good.

Besides that you and your shadow have a lot of fishing to do yet.

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Sorry to hear this last treatment didn't work longer, but glad to hear you're getting into a clinical trial.

I just love your attitude, gotta keep going. You give me (and many others I'm sure) such inspiration.

Good luck on your new treatment.


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You know how important you were to Brian. You are w/ me as well.

Put your 'DUKES' up, but don't let the drives become the focus of things...............each day w/ your fishing buddy and ...............well you know.

You are an inspiration and a very special person.

Much love


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