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I'm thrilled to let you all know that my big scary appointment with my lung surgeon was yesterday. Had the ct scan and then saw doctor about 2 hours later. He said my scan was clear! :D

This marks my 5 year 'anniversary' of my lung cancer diagnosis and surgery. The doctor said that we will continue to see each other once a year for the rest of my life, and "that's going to be a long, long time."

After scans the past few years, we are going to annual chest x-rays to monitor my lungs. I am happy about that, because, while I understand a scan is a better study, I don't like the exposure to excess radiation that a scan causes, particularly since I had chest radiation for breast cancer before all this happened. I also feel confident that this surgeon will detect anything minutely out of place on my x-ray, as he has a series of them to use for comparison purposes.

Today I am one very grateful survivor, and I remain thankful to have all of the great folks here to share victories, worries, war stories, heartbreaking losses, and all of the rest of life's twists and turns!


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Wonderful news update! I agree about the CT's, too much radiation can give us a new cause for cancer. What are you doing to celebrate?

Donna G

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I am so sorry I missed this and am late!!

I am SO happy that you are here, and that you made 5 years, and that I met you and that we have had 5 years of sharing our 'separated at birth' stories!!

And yes, as Katie said, you are solely responsible for educating me as to how Chloe is spelled!! :roll: Who knew? Except Katie and the rest of the world.....

Cindy, congratulations and breathe easier girlfriend- 5 years! Can you believe it?

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