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"New Normal"

Don M

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I rarely vent here. In fact, I may never have done it. I have had this thought percolating through my mind now for weeks...months. I have thought about posting it in the venting manner, but have postponed the vent, putting it off, avoiding the negative state of mind it probably represents.

Now, I am actually going to say what is on my mind, although it may not be the established, correct lung cancer survivor state of mind.

Here goes:

“The New Normal Sucks!”

There… I have said it and got it off my chest. I think I am just going to have to live with the negative part of the “new normal” and enjoy the positive stuff that comes along.

I think my attitude may improve if my next scan shows a dead tumor and no new disease.

Don M

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I'll drink to that. I don't think we would be rational not to miss the old normal. It's just that to carry on we have to make the best of what we have.

We're here and that's plenty to be thankful for.

I for one am glad that you (we) have somewhere to be able to say how you truely feel. I hope It takes a little bit of that weight off.


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I have said the same thing. I hope your scans are great and you can get a good deep breath. Don't feel bad about hating this disease. We all do. Treatments are no fun and symptoms are no fun, and after effects are no fun...but waking up each day is fun. Hope we all wake up many, many more days.


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Couldn't agree with you more there Don. We'd probably all wonder about someone who thought this was all just a cake walk & no big deal, so I wouldn't worry that you have "the wrong attitude."

Glad you vented, my friend. Got everything crossed for clear scans coming next month for you. (and staying that way!)


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Hi Don, This waiting for news really sucks too.

I think you need to go shopping for a new toy Don. Something to take your mind off of things?

Maybe a new red 2-stroke or 4-stoke or powerstroke or black superglide? (My hubby is always talking about these things, but to me they sound like lubricants :D )

Or maybe it's time to pack up the car or camper and head off on a road trip south into the sun for awhile.

My prayers are with you Don.


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Hey Don!

Yeah...new normal BITES, and I haven't even received a dx yet :roll:

What bites even more is that you felt hesitant to express that here, and carried it around inside for so long!! You have been a pillar for so many. Being a survivor doesn't mean you have to be Pollyanna, ya know??? So rant, scream, vent, whine, etc. ALL you want here!! Then we'll help you get back in the hunt again, okay? In the meantime, LOTS of prayers, and positive vibes for a fried tumor!!!

Understanding ((((HUGS)))) headed your way. Maybe that Harley & sunshine ain't such a bad idea, either! :wink:

Yours in HOPE!!


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well, Don. Got me to nod a compassionate grin at cha.

I have been known to say a couple of times (when I have had it up to here!) ...she points above her eyebrows with a military slash....

"I just want my shiddy old life back!"

And then I laugh at my own joke....

Gotta get it off the chest every so often. Makes you feel better, you know?

Then back to the ring to fight.

I'm betting on YOU to win, Don!

Cindi o'h

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Amen, Don!

...and if one more person tells me that my complaints are "little trade-offs", I cannot be held responsible for the butt-kickin' they will receive...

Gaining over 60 pounds is NO 'little trade off'.

Having itchy/crawly skin ESPECIALLY in areas I can't reach (some due to the extra 60 pounds, some due to being in the middle of my back) is NO 'little trade off'.

Always feeling tired is NO 'little trade off'.

Losing all semblance of concentration and focus when prior to the "new normal" that was something that came soooo easy is NO 'little trade off'.

Feeling anxious about every little ache and pain is NO 'little trade off'.

Going from a nice complexion to "problem skin" is NO 'little trade off'.

Sure, I'm glad I'm alive, I really am. I'm SOOOO happy to be around to b*tch, BUT, it is NOT a "little trade off", it's a damn BIG trade!

Yep, the new normal sucks...

...and I hope your scans show ol' dead tumors and your life gets back on the rocky trail of "new normal" in a better environment.

(Sorry I pushed you over on the soap box, I'm getting back down now...sorry...your turn...)

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I am a waterboy not a fighter but yes I agree with everyone. The new Normal sucks and so does Cancer. Prayers and Warm Blankets tonite.

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